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New U.S. Wall Map, $5.98 New U.S. Wall Map
New U.S. Wall Map

New U.S. Wall Map, $5.98


This colorful map with illustrations of state landmarks, famous residents and local activities is geographically accurate and marked with state capitals, major highways, rivers and mountain ranges. Bonus stickers included. 34" x 22", folds to 8.5" x 11"

High Five Bilingue Magazine, $39.96/12 issues High Five Bilingue? Magazine
High Five Bilingue? Magazine

High Five Bilingue Magazine, $39.96/12 issues

AGES 2-6

Hola!? and Hello!? High Five Bilingue is a magazine for young children in Spanish and English based on the same character- and skill-building fun that has made High Five magazine a favorite. It's English AND Spanish Learning for kids! Each monthly issue brings 36 pages of read-along stories, poems, puzzles and crafts in both languages that set young children on the path toward lifelong learning and language proficiency. With content appropriate for beginning readers, as well as for children and adults just learning Spanish or English, High Five Bilingue engages little ones and makes them excited to learn and practice vocabulary. Every issue has 14 pages of stories, puzzles and activities entirely in Spanish, which are then repeated in English, plus several pages in both languages together. Colorful illustrations help kids understand the words and ideas in each piece.Just like with High Five magazine, children will look forward to reading new adventures of familiar characters every month, gain confidence from solving age-appropriate puzzles, and laugh along with fun stories and poems.

Puzzlemania Super Challenge 4-Book Set, Volume 2, $24.98 Puzzlemania� Super Challenge 4-Book Set, Volume 2
Puzzlemania� Super Challenge 4-Book Set, Volume 2

Puzzlemania Super Challenge 4-Book Set, Volume 2, $24.98

AGES 9-12

Turn Puzzlemania puzzles up a notch with Puzzlemania Super Challenge! Mazes, word games and other activities are trickier, bigger and more elaborate for even more fun and learning. 32 pages each. These books are also included in Puzzlemania Super Challenge Puzzle Club shipments.

Tobbles Neo, $26.98 Tobbles Neo
Tobbles Neo

Tobbles Neo, $26.98

AGES 9-12

Tobbles Neo is a set of 6 uniquely weighted stacking toys that balance, nest and spin. Little hands never get tired of toppling, wobbling, tilting and wiggling the easy-grip spheres of this colorful baby toy. Even better, while little ones play, they're also developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination, plus learning about colors and sizes. Product Details:Contents: 6 spheres, 1 base Product Dimensions: base 4.5" diameter; about 12" high when all spheres are stacked straightI SBN: 182129000779

Code Kit, $299.95 code-kit

Code Kit, $299.95


Finally! A resource-rich intro to coding in the classroom that's easy to teach & engages students through an activity they love: making and playing games.

The Knowing Book, $16.95 The Knowing Book
The Knowing Book

The Knowing Book, $16.95


The Knowing Book helps kids and grownups feel confident in themselves and what they know to be right and true. The evocative images and lyrical text inspire readers to appreciate the journey of future discoveries, too. Hardcover, 32 pages, 8.5" x 10.5"

Robot Face Race, $14.99 Robot Face Race?
Robot Face Race?

Robot Face Race, $14.99


Shake the Robot Randomizer to determine which colors of eyes, face, nose and mouth to look for. Then scan the board for the one matching robot head. The first player to find 5 matches wins! No reading required, but hones pre-reading skills and concentration. For 2-4 Players. Includes game board, 20 score tokens, Robot Randomizer and instructions.

Hidden Pictures Riddle Puzzle Pads Set of 4, $19.98 Hidden Pictures� Riddle Puzzle Pads Set of 4
Hidden Pictures� Riddle Puzzle Pads Set of 4

Hidden Pictures Riddle Puzzle Pads Set of 4, $19.98

AGES 9-12

This set of puzzle books puts Hidden Pictures games together with silly riddles and brainteasers to solve. Find the hidden objects, then use the code with the object clues to find the answers to the riddles! Each book has more than 400 objects to find, and follows a fun theme that kids will love.�Product Details: Contents: 4 paperback books Pages: 64 per book Product Dimensions: 6" x 9" ISBN: 9781684373529

Knock Knock! The Biggest, Best Joke Book Ever, $9.99 Knock Knock! The Biggest, Best Joke Book Ever
Knock Knock! The Biggest, Best Joke Book Ever

Knock Knock! The Biggest, Best Joke Book Ever, $9.99

AGES 9-12

Knock knock. Who's there? You'll have to read the book to find out!Knock Knock is the best book of knock knock jokes ever! This collection of more than 1000 ?who's there? jokes makes this joke book one that your kids will come back to, over and over.A favorite of kids ? and grownups ? everywhere, knock knocks are guaranteed to bring on the giggles. Like its companion, the Laugh Attack joke book for kids, Knock Knock is packed with age-appropriate, wholesome, funny jokes that kids can enjoy sharing with siblings, friends, grandparents and anyone who needs a laugh!This funny joke book is divided into kid-friendly topics like animals, school, travel and food, and can entertain kids for hours.�Product Details:Contents: 1 paperback bookPages: 352Product Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.25"ISBN: 9781629798899

Smart Home Kit, $249 smart-home-kit

Smart Home Kit, $249

AGES 14+

Get ready to transform any object in your home into a smart device. This kit has everything you need to upgrade the stuff you own by connecting it to the internet. Control your AC from across the room, or turn the lights on and off while you_ã_re on vacation!

Mathmania, $5.95 Mathmania

Mathmania, $5.95


Math Games That Are Way More Than Numbers! Packed full of mazes, teasers and other math puzzles for kids ages 7 and up, Mathmania engages children with fun activities that help them learn without even knowing it! Mathmania Makes Learning Fun... So Math Skills Grow. These great math games for kids are challenging, entertaining and achievable. The perfect setup for school success. Every kid will find something he or she loves, with activities like: Scrambled pictures, Color by number, Crossword puzzles, Art Music And more. Each activity is specially designed to reinforce key math concepts and problem-solving skills, including: Patterning, Estimating, Fractions, Money, Time. The Benefits Really Do Add Up! Each book offers tons of math games for children to play while traveling, during quiet time or with friends. Young solvers will have so much fun as they: discover new ways of thinking while seeking number patterns, learn logical thinking while solving math mysteries, develop self-confidence by using hints to solve puzzles on their own. Fun with a Purpose You Can Feel Good About! See math skills grow while your child has fun. Help your child build math skills that are vital for success. Be confident of the time-tested quality of Fun with a Purpose products from Highlights.See Features to learn more.

Flight School: Paper Planes That Soar, $18.95 Flight School: Paper Planes That Soar
Flight School: Paper Planes That Soar

Flight School: Paper Planes That Soar, $18.95

AGES 6-12

Everyone knows how to make paper planes, but this book will make your kid a flying ace! It has 96 sheets of colorful paper, and directions for how to fold a paper airplane in 17 different styles, ranked by difficulty and uses (stunt, indoor, outdoor, games). There are even techniques for throwing, and fun games to try, plus simple lessons on the history of flight and how aerodynamics work. Product Details:Contents: 1 Paperback book, 96 double-sided sheets for folding, 20" x 24" pullout game posterPages: 256Product Dimensions: 9" x 12"ISBN: 9781590783887

High Five Magazine, $29.64 High Five? Magazine
High Five? Magazine

High Five Magazine, $29.64

AGES 2-6

Kids Love the Magazine That's All Their Own!Your preschooler or kindergartner will love High Five? magazine, because it's designed and written just for their age group. High Five is an exciting, colorful, fun-filled magazine developed by the early childhood experts at Highlights to encourage and inspire tender hearts and curious young minds.Why Is the Sky Blue?You've probably already experienced your little ones asking questions like this ? all day long! ? so you know how inquisitive and thirsty for knowledge kids this age are. High Five preschool magazines help you encourage your child's curiosity, and they give you an ideal opportunity for one-on-one fun together.That's why High Five has stories, puzzles and activities that are expertly designed to nurture your preschooler or kindergartner's development. Every 36-page issue reinforces skills that prepare them for reading, math and other areas of learning ? �but the kids only know that it's fun!Getting Mail Is ExcitingFor more than 70 years, children have been eagerly checking the mailbox, hoping to find a Highlights magazine with their name on it. Now, even 2- to 6-year-olds can experience that delight for themselves.They'll have so much fun with each monthly issue, which is packed with read-aloud stories and poems, simple crafts and recipes, learning games, puzzles for beginners and other activities. They're the perfect magazines for kindergartners and preschoolers!

Droid Inventor Kit, $99.95 droid-inventor-kit

Droid Inventor Kit, $99.95

AGES 8-12

Calling all Droid Inventors! Kids can create their own Droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks! With the Droid Inventor app, they'll give their Droid new abilities and take it on 16+ missions.

Steam Student Set$299.95 steam-student-set

Steam Student Set, $299.95


This littleBits education kit is the easiest way to integrate powerful STEM/STEAM learning into your classroom. It includes everything you need to engage up to 3 students and develop their 21st-century skills - including 16+ hours of lessons!